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Girls2Women is dedicated to empowering school girls with skills and knowledge so that they can continue their education during menses.

Ethiopian girls miss 3-5 days of school per
month – 50 days per school year – frequently causing them to drop out of high school: because they lack adequate supplies related to menstruation.

የእትዮጵያ ሌጃገረድች በወር አበባ ምክንያት ከ 3 እስከ 5 ቀናት ያህሌ ከትምህርት ይቀራለ፡፡ ይህ በዓመት 50 ቀኖች ያህሌ ከሃይ ስኩሌ (ሁሇተኛ ዯረጃ ትምህርት ቤት) እንዱቀሩ ምክንያት ይሆንባቸዋሌ፡፡ ምክንያቱም በቂ የሆነ አስፈሊጊ ነገሮች ወይም የወር አበባ መከሊከያ የሊቸውም፡፡

Elsa and Belcha workshop in Addis Ababa

Asegedech Abraha,

Kassanet School teacher

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